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Confident College Planning, LLC

Providing students and families with customized expertise and guidance to identify the best personal college choice -- academically, socially, and financially.

Nancy Adis will work one-on-one with your family to strategically and collaboratively navigate your college search process.


Independent Educational Consultant, Experienced Educator, and Parent

Nancy Adis, Educational Consultant

Nancy Adis will guide you through the ins and outs of the college choice process. She is an experienced educator with a Master of Science degree in Higher Education – Student Affairs. As an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) who has participated in additional professional training, she demonstrates the highest standards in education, training, ethics, and experience.


Nancy has worked at a variety of colleges and universities in professional roles, assisting students with academic advising, orientation, and leadership development. In addition, she has extensive experience teaching and tutoring students of all ages (elementary through college), and she previously co-founded RiverRun Community Montessori School.

Nancy also has four children, for whom she has personally guided the college planning and preparation process. She spends time traveling to college campuses of all sizes and types to learn more about the unique benefits and programs of each. Having visited over 100 campuses, from large public universities to small private colleges, Nancy shares her perspectives with clients as they work to find the best match for their individual interests.  She is regarded for her expertise, extensive research, and her wealth of information and guidance for families who are navigating the complex and often-overwhelming college-choice process.


We will work in partnership to help you make the best personal choice.

Private Consultation

Nancy works with families to outline the college choice process and provide guidance, direction, and customized step-by-step instructions.

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Contract Services

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client family. Nancy works collaboratively throughout the entire process and can contract for ongoing assistance with managing the college selection process, utilizing a planned approach with timetables and goals, outlining critical milestones to keep focused and on-task.

  • Individual needs assessment

  • Detailed informative handouts

  • Behind-the-scenes research services that families may not have time for – searching for scholarships, planning college visits, and organizing the search process. 

  • Keeping families on track with their tasks

  • Individual work with students on essay ideas, review and editing for multiple essays


Consulting for After the College Selection

  • After you choose your college, Nancy can facilitate a smooth transition to your school, including one-on-one guidance for first semester course selection.

  • If you need to change your path and make a different college choice, Nancy can help you refocus and select a new college that helps you on your journey.



Helping Students Reach Their Goals

You would like to help your student identify their core interests and competencies, and then align those with both viable career options AND the colleges that excel in preparing them for their chosen career.

Reducing Family Stress

You realize that the complex and highly-involved college-choice and college-preparation process can be very stressful for parents and students – and you would like to help make this once-in-a-lifetime experience enjoyable, meaningful, and intentional.

Maximizing Student's Success

You would like to ensure that your family’s investment in your child’s education is strategic, well-planned and maximizes your child’s potential and success.

Saving Money

You would like to save money by:

  • Finding a good college match (which means that students are more likely to graduate on time)

  • Learning new options for scholarships and financing

  • Avoiding late fees

Customized Experience

You recognize the value of customized assistance for each student, rather than relying on generalized advice and popular ranking lists.

Saving Time

You all have busy lives and don’t have the expertise nor time needed to thoroughly research, learn and confidently navigate the critical college application process and options. You may not have the time or energy to become an expert in this field. (Families hire tutors to help with ACT and SAT test preparation and medical experts to help with physical problems, why would it be any different for the college process?)

Keeping Track of Steps

You would like professional guidance to keep track of each step in the process and not miss critical milestones.  You would like someone else to remind your student and follow up on task completion. (Making for a happier home life, taking the parents out of this “nagging” role.)

Help With Finding Colleges

You would like help narrowing down the list of colleges that might be a good fit and learning about new colleges you aren’t aware of.

Help with Application and Essay

You would like individualized help with the application and essay writing processes. (Extra time that high school guidance counselors don’t have to spend with each student.) Though college consultants cannot offer guarantees about admission, they can help students identify their “hook” and how to highlight it in the application and essay.


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