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College Selection Overview

Planning for college selection is important for all highschoolers and the sooner you start, the better! But I can help every student, no matter when they get started on selecting their college.  Attend a group overview presentation or schedule an individual meeting to learn about important steps to take and tips for preparing yourself in the best way.

Private Consultation

Families can choose which customized services meet their specific needs:

  • Assistance with managing the college selection process, using outlined milestones to keep focused and on-task.

  • Behind-the-scenes research services for scholarships, planning college visits, and organizing the search and application processes. 

  • Individual work with students on essay ideas, review and editing for multiple essays.

Book a private consultation today to learn more about how I can support you in your college selection!

Comprehensive Package for Ongoing Support

I can work with your family to customize a comprehensive educational plan which identifies your student’s interests and goals, plans for academic course strategies to maximize the high school curriculum and highlight strengths, outlines timelines for standardized testing, researching and visiting colleges, criteria to use in college selection and application, and more. Several packages are available based on your needs.

Post College Selection Support

  • I can help facilitate a smooth transition to your school, including one-on-one guidance for first semester course selection.

  • If you need to change your path and make a different college choice, I can help you refocus and select a different college or path that meets your new goals.

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