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"I am so happy we found Confident College Planning and Nancy.

Being college graduates ourselves, we thought we knew a lot about the college application process and what to do to help our son through what can be daunting to family and the child going off to college. Boy were we wrong.


As we started researching ‘ALL’ the things that now need to happen just to locate a university that fits his and our requirements, there is so much more work than I remember. Not to mention all the required dates, deadlines and paperwork that must be provided just to ensure his application is accepted for review was mind boggling.

After being completely overwhelmed, we hired Nancy for a specialized research project to advise us on funding strategies, scholarship opportunities, and review all my son’s applications. 


She walked us through every step, and she did an incredibly thorough job. We were presented with a great deal of new information and feedback that we would have never known about or found on our own. 


She is an amazing communicator and her interactions with our son made all of us feel at ease, comfortable and confident that we made the right choice hiring Nancy for what could have been a nightmare if we had tried to go it alone. 


If we had not hired Confident College Planning, we know we would not have given our son the best chance to get into and ultimately succeed in college. I know you will enjoy working with Nancy as much as we did!"

Parent of HS Senior


"Nancy was an absolute delight to work with. Her outgoing personality and friendliness was a great fit for my daughter. She kept my daughter motivated throughout the entire process, and really encouraged her to enjoy the process rather than become stressed with all of the tasks involved. She broke down each task and made it easier for her to achieve.

Nancy has a great wealth of knowledge and was always offering wonderful suggestions. Her communication skills were outstanding. She not only emailed my daughter, but always kept my husband and I in the loop with everything that was going on. We were extremely impressed with her professionalism. She was always on time and went out of her way to make sure she answered all of our questions before the session was over. She also was always available if we had questions afterwards. She responded promptly through text, phone and email.

My daughter really enjoyed working with Nancy. Thank you for helping to make Ayla’s college planning experience a great one, we couldn’t have asked for better!! We would highly recommend Nancy to anyone looking to begin the college process, and look forward to working with her again soon with my son."

Parent of HS Senior

"We had our 1st session with Nancy to discuss our daughter's college search process and found Nancy to be very knowledgeable and helpful in offering insight and organization tips to help with the process. We are looking forward to utilizing more of her services as our daughter gets further along in the process."

Parent of HS Junior

Young Women with Backpacks

"We feel very fortunate to have received Nancy’s guidance for our daughter’s college search process. Navigating the complex and overwhelming college application process entails a lot to learn and making several critical choices and devoting the time that busy working parents like us don’t have. Nancy’s insights made us realize that there are more to consider than logistics, she is brilliant with her search strategy. We received a lot of valuable information and pointers that are specifically pertinent to our daughter’s own needs. Nancy knows how to put everyone at ease. Also, she was able to communicate with our daughter and guide her in ways that we can’t. Her guidance has been extremely valuable!"

Parent of HS Junior

"Having personalized guidance from Nancy has helped to greatly reduce the stress of the college search process and she gives me many options that are specific to my own wants and circumstances."

HS Junior

"Nancy is very knowledgeable and excited about guiding us through this journey.  Her expert tips and timelines make this daunting process very manageable and even enjoyable."

Parent of HS Junior

"Nancy made us aware of resources and considerations that we were never previously aware of. She's been providing us with a plethora of helpful tools and concrete next-steps to use in our child's college search. We continue to work with Nancy to manage our child's college selection and application process, and highly recommend her to anyone else."

Parent of HS Junior

Parent of HS Senior

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