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12 Days Left until National Decision Day: Have You Picked Your College?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

May 1st is National Decision Day, and most colleges are still expecting to get your commitment and deposit back by this date! Have you finalized your plans for next year? This is an exciting time in your college search process; for those of you who have decided, you can breathe a sigh of relief at having the choice behind you and move toward sharing your news by posting it (and share with me in the comments below – I would love to see which lucky college you picked!)

For those of you who are still deciding in these final days – here are the top five suggestions for finalizing your college choice:

1. Focus on where you think you will be happiest. Which college felt like a “good fit” for you when you visited? Which college feels like the right place to spend the next four (or more) years of your life?

2. Use a college comparison spreadsheet to help you review the top college choices. Take note of the majors and minors you are interested in, the different approaches to the core curriculum/general education requirements, the rigor and philosophy of the programs in your areas of interest, and the opportunities for hands-on learning. Compare the net costs for each college, looking at "free" money from scholarships and grants differently than loans or work study money.

3. Consider all of the majors offered at each college. You may be undecided, or you may think you know exactly what field you want to study. The reality is that many students do not stick with the major they choose at first, so it's important that the school has more than one area you are interested in. Exposure to new ideas and careers is part of the college process, so many students choose to go in a new direction. Having a college with many potential majors is one way to help make sure you can graduate in four years.

4. Take stock of the college offerings beyond academics. Remember that you are looking for the best personal choice socially, financially, and academically. Does the campus atmosphere offer a good fit for your personality and study preferences? Are there extracurricular activities that you are attracted to so you can get involved right away?

5. Remember, it’s great to have choices and though this feels like a huge decision, you can be successful no matter which college you choose. What you put into your college experience, once you get there, is more important than the exact college you choose to attend.

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