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Great Visit to St. John Fisher College, Rochester NY

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I had a great college visit at St. John Fisher College on Friday, with a shout out to tour guide Max for showing us everything! Here I am in front of the Living Wall, which is part of their sustainability and healthy living focus on campus. I also loved their focus on service learning and hands-on experience with their extensive network of connections in the Rochester area. The nursing students get to utilize the state-of-the art facilities which include laboratories and hospital unit simulations right on campus.

They have a small school community feel with lots of friendly folks and small class sizes, but the campus felt larger and newer than I expected. Check out their 35+ undergrad majors, along with a variety of master’s and doctoral programs, and their new iFisher learning initiative in which all students get a FREE iPad, keyboard, and Apple pencil to integrate technology into learning. They also have merit scholarships of up to $20,000/year (including the honors college add-on) and 100% of students get some type of aid. Students also may be interested in their ranking as #1 Best College Campus in New York, #2 Best College Dorms in New York, and #6 Best College Food in America!

So many colleges and universities for students to choose from, and Confident College Planning can help! Email me at for more insights!

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