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FREE Summer College Courses for NY State High Schoolers!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to earn college credits online over the summer through the College in the High School program at Hudson Valley Community College. At CollegeChoice Consulting, we highly recommend taking the Career Planning & Decision Making course to help you explore academic pathways that may be of future interest. For more information on the value of exploring your career interests, see our blog here.

There are a wide variety of summer courses offered so rising Juniors and Seniors can earn college credits while learning more about an area of interest. These classes are offered during different weeks of the summer and in different formats – online (on your own schedule), remote (virtually at set times), and in-person for those who can travel to the HVCC campus in Troy, NY.

Why is this a good idea?

1. It’s FREE. You can take up to 8 credits at no cost this summer due to a college scholarship. (Regular HVCC students pay $200 per credit.)

2. You can explore an area of interest to see if it might be an area you would like to study in the future… HVCC has summer courses in nutrition, economics, criminal law, electricity, government, pc hardware, business, engineering, chemistry, art history, fashion… and more! This is one way to “test out” a career interest or potential college major.

3. You can strengthen your academic skills so that you will be better prepared to do well in your next year of high school as well as in college. Taking a Math or English course over the summer can improve your skills dramatically.

4. You will earn college credits that will transfer to SUNY colleges (and may transfer to other colleges). Transferring credits into the college you attend after high school has many benefits:

a. It can save you money by potentially shortening the number of semesters you need to attend college, when those transfer credits help you fulfil general education credits or count as elective credits toward the total credits needed for your degree.

b. Transferring in credits can provide you with more flexibility by allowing you to create your class schedule earlier than other students with fewer credits, and potentially allowing you to meet requirements which means you can take a lighter load of classes or have a semester to study abroad.

5. It can help you on your admissions application. If you get good grades and submit your HVCC transcript to your prospective colleges, it would be a positive addition to your application. It will highlight you as a dedicated student who was willing to give up a summer of fun for a summer of learning! (If you do not get good grades, you can just not send the HVCC transcript/not mention it in your application. However if you are planning to attend HVCC your grades will be part of your overall GPA.)

6. You can get a feel for college-level work and the format of online or in-person classes (depending on which you choose.) These courses are only for high school students but are taught by HVCC faculty.

I hope I have convinced you to take advantage of this great opportunity at HVCC this summer. Trust me, I receive no kick-back or referral fee from HVCC, but I do feel strongly that this a great opportunity that I’d hate for my clients (or anyone else, really) to miss out on. If you would like to review HVCC’s course offerings and which might help you best, I am offering a limited number of free 30-minute consultations, specific to this opportunity. Click here to book an appointment with me. I would expect that these free summer courses will be a popular option for many rising Juniors and Seniors, so I encourage you to sign up before the classes fill up!

This is another one of my many recommendations to help New York State high schoolers prepare themselves for life after graduation, and potentially choosing a college. Confident College Planning works with clients to offer many more strategies for planning out your most successful path. We are experts at helping you learn more about the public and private colleges in New York State, and we tailor our services for each client’s individual wants and needs. Please contact me at to arrange for a private meeting.

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