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College Study Abroad Programs - Expanding Your Worldview

Have you thought about studying in another country sometime during your collegiate years?  Wondered how to organize that and how it might help you?  Many colleges and universities have established programs and partnerships to facilitate students’ participation in a new cultural setting.  There are faculty-led trips for course credit for one week, several weeks or a month in a new location, often with hands-on activities that extend the learning outcomes.  There are summer programs and semester-long programs, as well as year-long programs, which can match the tuition at the home institution, provide ease of credit transfer, and keep students on-track for “on-time graduation.”

These types of study abroad programs offer students opportunities to learn and practice communicating in a new language, exposure to different cultures and worldviews, and international connections for a global network.  The experiences also foster life skills in independence, cooperation, and initiative. Participants report that these are life-changing experiences in which they formed lifelong friendships and gained a better understanding of the world and different perspectives. The academics are often combined with unique excursions that bring the studies to life.

When I visited the Universidad Veritas program in San José, Costa Rica I learned about the variety of programs they offer to both local and international students.  Veritas works with over 300 different colleges and universities to facilitate study abroad experiences in which students live with host families, study in their area of interest, take Spanish language courses and participate in a large number of field trips to locations all over Costa Rica.  The campus I toured had a focus in art, design, and architecture as well as conservation, sustainability, and ecotourism. 

There are so many different study abroad options for students to choose from in order to build upon the degree they are pursuing, and if this is of interest, prospective students can look into the options offered by the institutions they are considering attending.  Every student has their own unique criteria within the college selection process.  Confident College Planning guides families along the college planning journey. Whether you’re just starting the process and need some guidance on steps to complete, would like help researching colleges for your specific interests, are looking for funding strategies, or need help fine-tuning your application and essay – we can help! Contact me today at to set up a meeting and find out more about what I can do for you.

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