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Historic Flagler College Has a Newly Imagined Core Curriculum

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Reading about some of these unique core classes, made me want to sign up for “Make Something,” “How to Citizen,” “A Life Well Lived,” “Statistical Inquiry of Thoughtful Stewardship,” and so many others!

As a private liberal arts college, Flagler offers students opportunities to engage in active learning through their first-year experience, co-curricular, and experiential learning programs. The general education curriculum, designed “to cultivate literate, creative, socially responsible, and self-reflective individuals,” has been updated to a new core curriculum in effect this fall. This new core focuses on skills in social scientific inquiry, ethical and quantitative reasoning, and oral communication, offering students a choice of interesting classes aligned with the college’s core values: Citizenship with Integrity, Thoughtful Stewardship, Respectful and Inclusive Community, and Transformative Learning.

Flagler College has about 2,600 students pursuing 37 undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 31 majors within 15 broad fields of study. While many students are in the business program, some of the other programs include communications, sports management, psychology, visual arts, and coastal environmental science. The strong connection to alumni provides current students with many networking and internship opportunities and speaks to the satisfaction former students have with their college experience!

When I toured Flagler in St. Augustine, Florida this summer I enjoyed seeing their beautiful campus with Spanish Renaissance architecture and historic roots back to 1888 when industrialist and railroad magnate Henry Morrison Flagler built the Hotel Ponce de Leon as a luxury resort. Today that hotel is a main campus building and the Flagler students may actually live in one of those unique hotel rooms – each with its own unique layout and beauty – and dine in the original 3 ½ story, oval dining hall with Tiffany stained-glass windows and hand-painted murals on the walls and ceiling.

A few other quick mentions: Flagler has a growing athletic presence with the launch of their lacrosse program this past February and many other sporting teams in NCAA Division II. Over 75% of the college classes have fewer than 20 students, providing a personalized touch and great opportunities for students to connect with professors. The campus is located four miles from the Atlantic Ocean on 49 acres in the heart of our country’s oldest city, which is often filled with tourists taking historic trolley tours around town (including to learn about Flagler College)! The admissions process is test optional and they offer a variety of scholarships including academic and athletic, as well as participation in a tuition exchange program.

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