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Impressed by SUNY Geneseo Great Day!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I am so glad I traveled out to Western New York last Thursday to attend the SUNY Geneseo Great Day (“Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement & Talent” Day). This campus-wide symposium celebrates creative and scholarly endeavors. It offered students a great opportunity to share their work, engage with others, and practice their public speaking skills! With no classes for the day, all students could attend the many events of the day.

I was very impressed with the student involvement throughout the packed day of events, which was filled with individual presentations, poster presentations, a keynote address, many music performances, and more! I observed well-spoken students, engaging conversations, a beautiful campus, helpful staff, and importantly, happy students. I also learned more about their Student Ambassadorship Program in which teams of students use Design Thinking to plan their own change-making programs with independent learning, innovative approaches to problem solving and community-based action. As a bonus, and perhaps because it was the day before #EarthDay, I noticed a great focus on sustainability – from a series of presentations to the keynote address to the information I learned about campus initiatives to compost, recycle, and reuse. Kudos to #sunygeneseo for putting on a program that fosters student engagement and celebrates their achievements!

SUNY Geneseo is a mid-sized liberal arts college with a focus on undergraduate research and academic excellence, but at a public state system price tag. The college of 5,200 students is in the small town of Geneseo with a cute downtown of shops and restaurants (and a bouldering gym) right next to campus, but only about 30 minutes from Rochester with its larger city amenities.

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