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It's Senior September - Are You On Track?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

It’s Senior September and those of you who are working to select a college or university for next year are likely working on your applications and essays. (I hope!)

A few important reminders:

1. The Common Application is open and used by the majority of colleges, so you can enter all of your information in one place and then just add individual supplemental essays for various colleges that require them.

  • If you need help with completing the Common App, there is a new FREE tool that does a wonderful job of answering questions about the best ways to complete the application. You can go to this website at the same time as you are completing the Common App and follow step-by-step instructions and watch short videos which explain each step.

2. Have you asked teachers for a letter of recommendation? Be sure to follow-up with those teachers and discuss your interests and background so that they can write the best recommendation possible. Teachers have many requests this time of year so it’s best to touch base with each to learn their estimated timing for completion.

3. Looking ahead, it’s only a short time until the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens on October 1st. It’s recommended that every student/family complete the FAFSA in order to determine both federal aid and institutional aid. The sooner you complete it (i.e. before January 1st), the more likely that institutional aid will not be “used up” by the time your application is reviewed.

  • Look at each of the colleges you are planning to apply to and check if the CSS Profile is needed in addition to the FAFSA. If so, you can get more information on completing it here:

  • Understanding the FAFSA calculations can help families in their financial planning for college. Here are a series of FREE videos which are very useful in helping families learn more:

At Confident College Planning, we help students and families with the college selection process, using a planful approach to reduce stress and improve success. If you would like support with your applications, essay review, scholarships, or other steps, please contact – I’d be happy to assist!

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