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Never Too Late… To Read This Helpful Book for Adults Going to College

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

If you are thinking about attending college as a “non-traditional student,” the book Never Too Late - The Adult Student’s Guide to College, by Rebecca Klein-Collins, is a great resource. Starting out with guidance to help you ask the right questions and make decisions about whether to go, why to go, and where to go, and moving on to combating myths and fears about older learners, to the nuts and bolts of setting up your education plan; it’s filled with good information!

There are helpful descriptions about different types of colleges (public v. private, non-profit v. profit, and more), explanations for terms like credit hour, quarters v. semesters, accelerated degrees, cost of attendance v. net price, and full time student status. The book is full of practical suggestions, like brushing up your skills and taking placement tests as a way to avoid remedial classes which will save students time and money.

In addition to information on accreditation and its importance, the book has insightful information on unique offerings that many adult learners might be interested in, such as online or distance learning, MOOCs (massive open online courses that are free), competency based programs, and prior learning assessments (with which you can early college credits for things you already know).

There is a chapter devoted to transitioning from the military to college, veteran resources on college campuses, and unique things to consider (family housing, military transcripts, and portfolio assessments). As well as chapters with strategies for building a personal support system, funding methods, and tips for getting back into studying! This book is an easy read and could be very helpful for anyone thinking about attending college, particularly those who have taken a break or a different path after high school.

There is a lot to consider when planning for your college education and a book like this can be helpful in understanding the steps to selecting and then successfully transitioning to a college or university. Confident College Planning guides students and families in the process of finding colleges which best meet their personal needs and interests so that the student will be most successful. Our services include planning discussions for exploring majors, strategizing for college lists and college visits, and individualized attention for essay editing, application review and tracking, scholarship research, and funding strategies. Contact me at for a discussion on what I can do for you!

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