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Who gets into which colleges and why? Isn’t this what we all wonder?

Looking for these answers, I read Jeff Selingo’s book and I found so much support for everything that I believe and tell my clients about the randomness of the college admissions process and about suggestions for how each student/family can be successful in finding an institution that meets their personal needs and interests. Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions covered the history of the college application process and how it’s become much more marketing-oriented over the years. The stories of individual students that Jeff followed along their college journey helped highlight the detours that can take place along the senior year path, from application to choice of university.

All throughout the book the reader can find useful suggestions which help reduce the stress and improve the outcome of the college search. From using high school coursework to explore interests and show academic rigor to asking everyone you know about their college experience to thinking outside the box about who to request letters of recommendation from, there are many strategies covered in this book! Selecting a college or university is such a personal process and each student/family needs to think early on about the money in terms of what they want out of a college experience and what cost is worth it for them. Finally, a personal favorite of mine, students should spend more time thinking about what they will do during their college years (involvement, networking, research, leadership positions) than where they will be doing it. This book is a great resource for the college bound!

There is a lot to consider when choosing your college or university and Confident College Planning supports families all through the process. From college list formation to college search strategies to application and essay support, we can help students confidently navigate their selection process. Contact me at to discuss the ways I can help you be most successful!

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