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SUNY Polytechnic Institute – High-Tech Partnerships in Utica, NY

This New York State public polytechnic institute offers students a public-school tuition option with the benefits of smaller class sizes, close relationships with faculty, business and industry connections, opportunities for research, and a commitment to being a high-tech global leader in higher education.

Approximately 2,200 undergraduates study at SUNY Poly and many live on the 762-acre suburban campus in Utica, with opportunities to participate in over 40 student organizations and NCAA Division III sports (Go Wildcats!). SUNY Poly offers targeted academic programs for students interested in science, engineering, technology, business, healthcare, and other liberal arts.

Some of the unique opportunities I learned about included the 1+2+1 Nursing Partnership Pathway program where interested students complete both the RN and BSN program in four years and the pre-health professions options, including Upstate Accelerated Scholars Program (in which students apply as high school seniors and if accepted and they meet all the requirements while studying at SUNY Poly, they will be admitted to Upstate’s Medical M.D. program without having to take the MCAT).

They also have 11 different programs within the College of Engineering, providing opportunities for interdisciplinary projects and making industry connections. SUNY Poly has billions of dollars in high-tech investments and hundreds of corporate partnerships, along with an innovative career preparation approach, to foster successful graduates.

If you are interested in studying one of these programs, you may want to check out SUNY Poly for a personalized approach at a more affordable public-school cost. While Poly has rolling admissions, some of these programs outlined require application by November 1st. As with all SUNY institutions the ACT/SAT testing requirements are currently waived for admissions, but the holistic admissions review process looks at applicants’ academic history and rigor, as well as focusing on trying to understand each applicant’s personal life experience and how they will uniquely contribute to the college community.

There are so many colleges and universities to consider, and each student has their own interests, criteria, and goals. Confident College Planning helps students and families through the process of finding the best match for their personal situation, from college list formation to application, and funding strategies to finally selecting the best option. Contact me at for more information on how I can assist you!

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