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Creative Thought Matters at Skidmore College!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Creative Thought Matters. Yes! It does, and I have to love Skidmore College for making that their motto. A little over a week ago I toured the Skidmore campus in lovely Saratoga Springs, NY and learned more about how they focus on creativity. We had a great tour that highlighted the many advantages of a strong liberal arts curriculum at a small school which attracts “think outside the box” kinds of students and offers many hands-on opportunities for academic exploration. In the library I noticed the display of projects for the Altered Book State Contest that was going on

(pictured), in academic buildings the posted notices highlighted unique classes integrating multiple disciplines, and at the Tang Teaching Museum we heard about faculty use of the art exhibits to advance knowledge across the curriculum.

With 2,600 students from many states and countries pursuing over 40 majors, including a few 4+1 programs, and a unique approach to a core curriculum based on integrations, foundations, inquires, and major specifics – Skidmore has a lot to offer! That’s not even mentioning the small class sizes, 120+ student clubs, athletic programs, strong focus on internships, and 250-acre north woods setting. Within easy walking distance, cute downtown Saratoga Springs has many shops and eateries to offer – even a good variety of options for those who choose vegetarian or vegan diets!

There are so many choices for students and families, and Confident College Planning can help with finding the hidden gems and potential matches depending on your unique interests and experiences. Contact me today for assistance with your college choice journey!


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