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Fewer, More Focused Classes with Union College’s Trimesters

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

With so many colleges and universities in the greater Albany, NY area, it’s hard not to find one that might meet your interests for majors offered, size of campus, student activities, and other attributes. When I visited Union College in Schenectady, I felt that smaller college camaraderie, but stepping off-campus to nearby Jay Street with the Sunday Greenmarket (year-round) and fun little shops and eateries you get the amenities of a diverse urban environment. Union students have plenty to do on campus, with over 130 student clubs, sports teams, and on-campus events, but are also only a short walk away from award winning Proctor’s Theatre with its Broadway shows, films, and special events. Student life is organized by seven Minerva Houses which provide a focus for academic, social, residential and leadership activities.

On the 100-acre campus with just over 2,000 students, Union continues its heritage as a selective, private, residential, liberal arts college with a highly rated engineering program and focus on the sciences. One unique thing about Union is the trimester system (of three 10-week terms, with an extended winter break) that gives students a chance to focus more deeply on fewer courses at one time. For those students who have thrived when taking just one summer course and focusing all month on one topic – this trimester system may be of interest. Another point of mention is that 75% of Union students choose to study more than one academic area and Union’s interdisciplinary approach allows interesting connections between many different subjects.

There are so many choices for students and families, and Confident College Planning can help with finding the hidden gems and potential matches depending on your unique interests and experiences. Contact me today for assistance with your college choice journey!


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