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Florida International University: One of the Top 10 Largest Universities in the U.S.

Updated: Jun 4

Miami is home to a number of colleges, but with approximately 58,000 students, FIU is the largest! This public research university serves a diverse community of students that reflect both the multilingual, multinational city they are set in and the global community with students from 142 other countries. Their focus on global education is exemplified by their #1 ranked Model UN team, Peace Corp Prep program, and rare Diplomat in Residence.

As you might expect due to its size, FIU has a lot to offer.  There are over 190 degree programs, offered both in-person, online and a mix of both, in 11 schools and colleges plus an Honors College. They have a large number of study abroad programs as well as a national student exchange for a semester away from campus at another U.S. college. In addition to the beautiful 344-acre main MMC campus, there is a waterfront Biscayne Bay campus and other satellite locations, with a shuttle transporting students between campuses regularly.

I enjoyed learning about the many opportunities for students, even beyond the 300+ student organizations they can get involved with.  There is the hands-on experience the Hospitality & Tourism Management students get at the annual five-day Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival that was started by that FIU program.  There are opportunities for artistic creative expression in music, fiction, theater, architecture and painting, including a MakerBot Innovation Center and the Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator. Some of the many opportunities for research include topics in environmental, health, justice, and innovation issues. StartUP FIU is an entrepreneurial incubator program guiding students to develop breakthrough technologies which bring people together and lead to the jobs of the future.  I also want to mention the nursing labs with active simulations and partnerships with the College of Medicine, and that the FIU law school has the highest bar exam pass rate in Florida. Like many institutions, FIU offers an avenue for high school students to get a head start with tuition-free dual-enrollment courses at over 70 partner schools across Florida. 

Lastly, I have to give a final shout out for the FIU Healthy Living Services program which offers a holistic and preventative approach by encouraging FIU students to engage in everyday healthy lifestyle practices. Their services include massages, acupuncture and aromatherapy for students!  I also love that there are EnergyPods in the library where students can take a 20 minute nap in a reclining relaxation station that features noise canceling headphones, programmed music, and a vision shield for a secluded environment.

FIU students have the Panther spirit and there are 17 NCAA Division 1 sports teams for them to cheer on.  There’s also a tradition that says that those who rub the panther statue get many years of good luck.  So I made sure to give it a rub, because who can’t use extra good luck?

There are many colleges and universities available to students, depending on their interests and career goals.  Confident College Planning can help families uncover a variety of new options you may not have heard of and helps guide you all throughout the application process.  Contact me at for assistance – I would love to help you on your college planning journey!

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