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Hartwick College - Earn A Bachelor's Degree In Three Years!

Approximately 1,100 students study at this private, residential college in Upstate New York and some of them complete their degree in three-fourths the time, for three-fourths the cost. Hartwick’s top five majors are nursing, business administration, psychology, biology, and criminal justice, but there are 45 programs of study to choose from as well as an option for students to design their own major. Students enjoy small class sizes, a 12:1 faculty-to-student ratio, and a program called FlightPath which guides their academic journey.

Hartwick College is located high up on a hill overlooking Oneonta (a small town in the Catskill Mountains that also hosts a mid-sized state university (SUNY Oneonta)).  One of the programs that the two institutions collaborate on is the nursing articulation agreement which allows SUNY Oneonta Pre-Nursing students to transfer seamlessly into Hartwick’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program after they complete their first two years.

In fact, Hartwick has more than 80 years of experience preparing nurses at the baccalaureate level, as well as a state–of–the–art nursing simulation laboratory. Their School of Nursing program boasts a 100% NCLEX pass rate for May 2023 graduates - well above the national average.

Hartwick’s optional Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is available for most majors, for the right students.  Highly-motivated students who either enter Hartwick with college credit or who take more than the minimum number of credits each semester, can choose this program to save time and money.  It might not be the right choice for every student, but it’s certainly a unique option for consideration.   

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