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I Believe In Lifelong Learning!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I am happy to share that I recently completed the IECA’s Summer Training Institute and I loved being a “student” again! It was a great week of sharing best practices with other Independent Educational Consultants, learning about new resources and latest trends, as well as doing a deep dive into financial planning for college costs.

Staying updated and learning about new areas provides me with even more tools in my toolbox used to help guide students and families in their college choices.

Another important learning practice is continuing to tour colleges and universities to better understand the many, many choices out there. So last week, I completed a whirlwind tour - visiting many more options from NY to FL!

My campus visits included Binghamton University, Wake Forest University, High Point University, Meredith College, Coastal Carolina University, the College of Charleston, the University of North Florida, Flagler College, Nova Southeastern University, the University of Miami and more!

In the weeks ahead I will share highlights from many of these campuses here on my blog. Contact me at to discuss how I can support you with college list choices, applications, essay ideas, and scholarships. There are many college and university options and it’s important to find the best fit for each student and family - I can help!

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