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National Signing Day and Letters of Intent - Not Only for Athletics!

You may have heard of National Letters of Intent (NLI) for athletes, but they can be used for other programs as well!  A NLI is typically a signed contract indicating that the student commits to enroll at a specific institution and participate in a specified program.  In the case of athletics, the letter outlines the scholarship the student will get when participating on one of the college’s sports teams and it’s considered a legal commitment for the student to attend that college for one year.

Many high schools hold events celebrating their student athletes’ choices for college and those commitments.  I recently also read about a NLI Signing Day event for students committing to work in skilled trades programs after high school graduation.  Educators, business leaders, parents, and other audience members celebrated the choices these students made for their next steps after high school. I love that NLI signings are highlighting the many choices that students can make about their path after high school! 

There really are so many options and at Confident College Planning we work with students and families to uncover the best matches for each student's interests and goals. We guide students and families through the entire planning process by keeping them organized and on track with the needed steps in a way that reduces stress and focuses on finding a good placement where students will be happy and successful.  Contact me at to discuss how I can best support you.

Photo credit: NLI Signing Day event for a student committing to attend Lees-McRae College in Banner, NC.  With approximately 875 students, this small private college offers 31 degrees, small class sizes, an Honors Program, and 25 athletic teams.  They have a unique wildlife rehabilitation center on campus, providing many hands-on opportunities for students, especially those in their Wildlife Biology and Wildlife Rehabilitation programs. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lees-McRae has great access for their programs in Outdoor Recreation Management and Wilderness Medicine & Rescue, as well as some niche minors like Appalachian studies, cycling studies, and ski industry business & instruction.

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